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A multi-purpose bot with a variety of features to test each day!

  • Servers: ???
  • Prefix: t! (custom
  • Owner: TehPig_YT#9063
  • Added: 09/09/2020
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🛠️ | [\|/] T_Moderator_Bot [\|/]

- A multi-purpose bot that can help you improve your server at every cost!

- To get a list of its commands, run the t!help command and it will provide you the categories provided above with its own sub-help! Also, to find information about a specific command, add the help argument next to it. Usage: t!<command> help.

- Stay tuned, because we'll be releasing v2 in a week or so! A complete rewrite to the whole code! You will be able to subscribe to updates in the future, but for now, you will have to use the t!changelog command to see the latest updates of the bot.

- If you ever have any suggestions for the bot, make sure to run the t!featurereq <suggestion> command to inform us about it! Also, any bugs encountered would be nice if you could report them using the t!bugreport <command> <reason> to us for a better experience!

- Hope you enjoy having our bot!

- Made with discord.js-light ❤️

- Join our support server by clicking here

- Invite the bot to your server by clikcing here 🎉

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