To-do Bot


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Ever have too many tasks to do, but don't want more software open?

Prefix: td!
Owners: Jack Glenn#0806  
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   Jack Glenn#0806  

Admin Commands:

  • role - Setup a staff role to use server list commands.
  • delrole - Remove assigned staff role.
  • assign - Create an assignment for another user.
  • setprefix - Set a custom prefix for the server.

User Commands:

  • help - Displays this embed.
  • add - Starts a process to add tasks to the list.
  • remove - Starts a process to remove tasks on the list.
  • archive - Store completed tasks into a separate list.
  • clear - Removes all the to-do tasks that are set.
  • list - Lists all the currently set tasks you have.
  • archives - Lists all the tasks that have been archived
  • remind - Starts a process where you can remind yourself of tasks. (Vote Locked)
  • reminders - Displays the current reminders you have active.
  • delreminder - Delete a reminder from your reminders list.
  • edit - Edit a personal task or reminder.
  • complete - Set an assignment as complete.

Server Commands:

  • add-server - Add a task to the server list.
  • archive-server - Archive a task from the server list.
  • archives-server - A list of all the archived server tasks.
  • clear-server - Clear all the tasks from the server list.
  • list-server - A list of all the server tasks.
  • remove-server - Remove a task from the server list.

Miscellaneous Commands:

  • invite - Links you to the bot invite and support server.
  • info - Information related to the bot.
  • vote - Links you to the listing websites where you can vote for the bot.
  • ping - Responds with the bots ping.
  • uptime - Displays the bot's uptime since the last restart.
  • stats - Shows all the relevant operational data of the bot.
  • voted - Check whether you have voted and when you voted last.
  • voted <UserID> - Check whether a user has voted and when they voted last.
  • votes - List the top 10 bot voters.
  • bug - Report a bug or anything related to the bot.