Just a simple MemeBot

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What is the MemeBot?

The Project "MemeBot" stared first as an try and error project. But now the Bot has a lot of features, so I decided to make him public


Syntax Description
m!meme Sends one of 100 memes in your channel
m!meme [number] Sends the meme with the specific number in the chat
m!help Shows this message
m!sub Here you can submit your favorite Meme
m!sup Shows the invite link to my Server. Its in German, but of corse you can join and tell me your problem in English.
m!invite Sends the Invite Link for the Bot
m!info Shows informations about the bot, including guild-/User-count and the Ping
m!setup The bot is creating a new Channel with preset permissions. Bot needs ADMIN for that
m!kick Kicks a User
m!ban Bans a User
m!serversetup This command can setup your full server. Be careful with it, this is creating a lot of Channels and Roles


We have a Support Server were we can help you, if you have any issues or bugs. Feel free to join our Support Server