Zutek Bot

Please read the description for details! | Zutek Bot is a bot with various games and commands.

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Zutek Bot is a bot with various games and commands. It is still being updated so that means there will be more and more games, commands, and functions in the future!

Here is what the bot can do:

👢 Spammy Account Proof

Annoyed by spam accounts constantly joining your server? Zutek Bot has a list of known accounts and will ban them automatically everytime they join your server! Never worry about spam accounts anymore!

🎮 Minigames

Fun games made completely by one person. Easy to play and quick. Like chopping trees, mining ores, or planting pineapples etc. Plus, there is a global leaderboard to compete with other server members!

⚔️ Defenders

Defenders is a game where you can battle, race and do other things with characters. There are new Defenders being added to the bot every month! There are always events happening, with huge rewards! Fight others and collect points to be the ultimate champion at the end!

🤪 Fun Commands

This bot also has many fun commands to play with, such as Guess The Number. Keep yourself entertained when you have nothing to do!

📝 Server Setups

This bot has step-by-step setup instructions which makes the bot very easy to customize in your server! You can also join the support server if you need help or have questions!