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Antiraid and level system, advanced commands, moderation, fun, anime, chatting.. thats Bulgee

Prefix: b!
Owners: DaRealAdalbertBro#9609  
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Bulgee is advanced discord bot for good servers!

He know so much things, like a Math.. custom level system can't be missed! He also can protect your server by antiraid system and super duper moderation commands! also you can customize all of the bot.. I mean you can turn off commands, setup logging channel etc. hmm.. logging? cool! This bot logs all his actions into your log channely you can setup it by "b!setup" And what about fun? With this bot is a lot of fun! There are custom minigames like real pingpong, minesweeper or classic commands like "kill".

so there is it! I hope you enjoy the bot and have fun