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Discord Wellbeing

This Bot wants to help you life healthier. You can log your Discord activity in the littest detail.

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Added Jan 9, 2021

This Bot wants to help you life healthier. Today everybody uses the internet all time without knowing how much time spent on which task. This Bot shows gives you an overwiev of how you spend your time on Discord. We are using the data to give you a nice overview about your gaming behavior on Discord. We will show you how long you played each game on each days and how long you have been online on each day.


Command Explanation
.help Lists all commands
.register Start collecting data
.language Change language between german and english (default english)
.games &glt;today/yesterday/week/month/all> Show played games in given time
.onlinetime &glt;today/yesterday/week/month/all> Show online time in given time
.unregister Delete data and stop collecting them
.stats Show stats about the bot


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