Just a bot with a lot of commands to keep you entertained

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This bot's commands are listed in categories and explained in the following:

1- General

this category contains commands which retrieve info about things related to the command's own name, such as userinfo, serverinfo, info and more.

2- Moderation

This category contains commands which helps throughout in helping with the moderation of a server, such as ban, kick and more.

3- Economy

This category contains commands to keep you entertained and to help you kill time with while collecting coins, such as work, daily, balance, give and more.

4- Fun

This category is the biggest category in this bot which contains a lot of fun commands to keep you as much entertained as possible, such as fakequote, invert, phtext, supreme, pixelate and a lot more.

5- Reaction

This category contains commands to show your emotions through discord, such as pat, hug, wag, cuddle and more.

6- Music

This category contains commands to play the song/video you want from YouTube to a voice channel in discord, such as play, skip, queue and more.

And that's all, more will be coming soon.