An advanced Music Bot, with 30+ Radio Stations & 15+ filters, like 8D Audio, Bassboost etc. Play songs from YouTube & Sound Clould & Many More

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How to use BAUL


Features 1:

+prefix -- Sets a server specific Prefix

Features 2:

+filter -- Set Audio - Effects

[More than 15+ Filter Commands]

Features 3:

+radio -- Play a Radiostation

[More than 30+ Radio Stations out of 10 to 12 Country's Radio Stations]

Features 4:

+play -- Plays song from YouTube/Stream/SoundCloud & etc.

All Commands:

+help or +h for all commands details

+loop -- Toggle music loop

+lyrics -- Get lyrics for the currently playing song

+nowplaying -- Show current song

+pause -- Pause the currently playing music

+queue -- Show the music queue and now playing

+remove -- Remove song from the queue

+resume -- Resume currently playing music

+search -- Search and select videos to play

+shuffle -- Shuffles the current Queue!

+skip -- Skip the currently playing song

+skipto -- Skip to the selected queue number

+stop -- Stops the music

+volume -- Change volume

+botlist -- Gives you the botlists of the Bot

+help [COMMAND] -- Gives you a list of all help Commands

+invite -- Gives you an invite

+ping -- Gives you the latency of the Bot

+uptime -- Gives you the uptime of the Bot