A advance discord bot which play music from youtube,soundcloud and much more with 15+ filters..invite this bot and enjoy high res sound

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Prefix: / change with: /prefix

/help /h List of all Commands
/play <URL/NAME> /p Plays a song
/radio [radiostation] Plays a radiostation
/search <URL/NAME> Searches for 15 results
/status Shows queue status
/nowplaying /np Shows current song
/pause Pauses the song
/resume /r Resume the song
/shuffle /mix Shuffles the queue
/playskip /ps Plays new song and skips current
/autoplay /ap *Enables autoplay - random similar songs
/skip /s Skips current song
/stop /l Stops playing and leaves the channel
/seek Moves in the Song in: seconds
/volume <VOLUME /v Changes volume
/queue /q Shows current Queue
/loop <0/1/2> /mix Enables loop for off / song / queue
/lyircs /ly Shows lyrics for this song
/jump Jumps to a queue song
/prefix Changes the prefix
/ping Gives you the ping
/uptime Shows you the Bot’s Uptime
/invite Invite the Bot to your Server

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