Music bot. React based control. YouTube , SoundCloud, Spotify Links supported

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Deejay Bot (Mr. DJ)

A multifunctional music bot for discord.
It has a wide range of commands for better music experience. You can also control the bot using react emoji.

> or @botmention (@Deejay#2424), (custom prefix soon)

Supported Streams
SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify (soon)

Reaction Controls
1)⏯ī¸ For pause and play a song.
2)⏭ī¸ For skip the playing song / playing next track.
3)đŸ”ŧ For volume up.
4)đŸ”Ŋ For volume down.
5)🔇 For mute and unmute the volume
6)🔁 For loop queue.
7)🔀 For shuffle the queue.
8)⏚ī¸ For stop the queue.

Music Commands
play, loopqueue , lyrics , nowplaying, pause, playlist , queue, remove , resume , search, shuffle , skip, skipto, stop, volume, mute, unmute

Extra Commad
help, botinfo, invite, ping, support, upvote,

More commands coming soon,