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Wynem is a multipurpose discord bot that has a vast array of features for all sorts of purposes. From Moderation, to Fun, to Image Editing!

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Added Apr 7, 2021

Wynem Discord Bot

Wynem is a multipurpose discord bot that has a vast array of features for all sorts of purposes. From Moderation, to Fun, to Image Editing!


Wynem has full feature moderation with all the usual commands that you would expect from a moderation bot.

  • Warnings and Mutes Members can be both warned and muted, and this action is logged so you can can view a users activity if needed. Warn and mute logs can be removed if needed by any moderator of the server.

  • Bans and kicks Members can be both banned and kicked from the server as you would expect.

  • Server logs Logs can be set up to log actions inside of a channel in the server. These actions are anything from getting banned, to members joining a voice channel.

  • Word filter The word filter allows you to block certain words, as well as automatically mute and warn people for saying them. The word filter will also detect banned words encoded in binary.

Command Configuration

With Wynem, you can configure which commands are avaliable and where.

  • Blacklisting Members can be blacklisted from using certain, or all commands, meaning that they will be unable to use those bot features in that server. Channels can also be blacklisted so that no commands work in those channels. Any member with the manage messages permission can bypass this.

  • Disabling commands Commands can be disabled entirely so that the command can not be used inside the server.

  • Custom prefix A custom prefix can be set up for the bot, so that you can configure it to work well in servers with lots of bots. The default prefix is "e!". Certain commands will use both prefixes so that you can change the prefix if you forget it.

Server Features

A completely customisable member counter allows you to turn any channel into a member counter for the server. The Artchive™️ is a place where users can archive any images that you want! (originally intended for art hence the name, but can be used for anything)


All your standard stuff from coin flips, to 8ball, as well as some extras. These include a name search, beaning people, searching up song lyrics, and many more!


There are some image editing capabilities avaliable, from being able to do fully fledged pixel art, to being able to put members into an image of a band! Some search features exist, allowing you to search youtube for videos, search for gifs on Tenor, or even search for the descriptions and ratings of Movies.


For a full list of commands and descriptions, you can view the help.json file here


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Perfect bot!

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