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SlayBot is a cool multifunctional Discord bot with over 100 commands

  • Servers: ???
  • Prefix: ! (customizable)
  • Owner: Slayer#3102
  • Added: 12/18/2020
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SlayBot is made with ❤ by GhostSlayer

SlayBot is a cool multipurpose Discord bot. Anti-Invites, Anti-Links, Custom Commands, welcomes and farewells, funny commands, and alot more cool things! +100 commands.



You can check SlayBot's commands by running the !help command


We have a wiki to make SlayBot easier to use! You can check our wiki by clicking here


SlayBot has a blog too! We update some news there sometimes, but not often. You can check our blog by clicking here


Is SlayBot not online or responding? We may have some issues, check our statuspage!

Discord Server

SlayBot has an official Discord server, where you can get support and see the latest updates of SlayBot!

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