Hi!! I am undefined, a music, economy, meme, Moderation discord bot!

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Hi! My name is undefined and it is my duty to make sure you have the best server in the entire universe!
I have a variety of commands to make your server better than it currently is!
Just to let you know that ALL my commands are available to you for free but we do have an option to donate
to me on my patreon but you don’t have to if you don’t want to:)

Economy Commands: My economy commands are global which means if you use an economy command
and join another server all your data will be saved!

Information Commands: My Information commands can go from getting your ping to getting the weather for a location!

Meme Commands: My Meme commands are the best meme commands on the market! It gets memes from reddit.

Moderation Commands: My moderation commands can help you keep your members in check!

Music Commands: My music commands allow you to listen to epic tunes from youtube! (playlists are supported)

Support Commands: Show your support by donating!

Have any questions? Join Our Support Server!

So what are you waiting for??! Invite me now!