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Repeat is an online hit radio station. Add our bot to your server to listen in, in the comfort of your own server. (!play)

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Added Oct 19, 2020


Current command list

  • help | commands
    • View all our commands straight from your server!
  • play | join
    • Play the radio stream inside a voice channel!
  • stop | leave
    • Stop the radio stream playing from a voice channel!
  • stats
    • View live statistics! (Current DJ + Song)
  • now | next | later
    • View the next 3 presenters
  • request
    • Send a request to our presenters to have it played on air
  • ping
    • Check the connection latency between You and Discord, Repeat and Discord and the discord bot.
  • status
    • Check the status of our website, radioserver and relays!

Repeat is a fairly new radio, and our bot is still in development! Although we are in development, do not expect much downtime!


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