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Siri is a multipurpose bot that is meant to boost your experience with discord 100 times better as its offers a large range of commands from fun, games, general commands and some custom!

There are many commands that are included in this bot such as;

  • whois / Check a user or yourself's profile
  • serverinfo / Look at the server information
  • help / A amazing sleek help command
  • hotcalc / See how hot yourself or one of your friends are
  • reverse / Reverse a word and see what it makes
  • coinflip / Flip a coin and see what you land on
  • slots / Play slots
  • weather / Check the weather in your area
  • news / Who watches the news on the TV when you can ask Siri to find the news
  • article / Find a article
  • map / Find a place and explore it
  • wiki / Search something
  • F / Show your respect to something
  • heart / Heart someone or something cool
  • urban / Urban someone on the Urban Dictionary
    Bet any other bots aren't as cool as Siri! We offer a large range of commands with more coming everyweek, invite the bot now and have some fun with Siri as your virtual assistant

Type 'Hey Siri Help' to learn how to start!

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