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ModBotic is a multi purpose bot with awesome features like Moderation, Fun, Utility and much more!

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Added Oct 1, 2020

The bot is full of constant updates & improvements with over 150 commands and a 99.9% up time guaranteed! The starting prefix is "~" BUT its fully customizable to fit your liking!

With ModBotic being a Multi Guild bot, you can customize the prefix, set welcome messages, set Logging, have a leveling system AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

Here is the list of all available Botic categories:

Moderation: ModBotic has a great & powerful moderation system with the responsibility to help your Moderators & Admins keep the server safe and friendly for everyone! He provides you a total of 27 Moderation commands!

Top Features:
★ Ban
★ Kick
★ Mute
★ Lock
★ Unlock
★ Force Ban
★ Temp Lock
★ And more!

Utility: Many systems to manage your discord are available with ModBotic. A total of 26 utility command, from CUSTOM commands to polls!!

Top Features:
★ Announce command
★ Welcome messages
★ Polls
★ Twitch Streams
★ Custom commands
★ Reminder
★ Sticky Notes
★ And more!

Info: With ModBotic's 17 info commands, you will know all information of your discord and kept up to date!

Top Features:
★ Channel Info
★ Permissions
★ Emoji Info
★ Role Info
★ User Info
★ And more!

Miscellaneous & Fun: ModBotic provides over 30 fun commands with a awesome economy system & leveling system to keep your server busy, active and happy!!

Top Features:
★ Jokes
★ Compliments
★ Shops
★ Daily Rewards
★ Wyr Games
★ And more!

With ModBotic being a Multi Guild bot you can customize the whole thing just the way you like it!

Top Features:
★ Custom Welcome & Leave Channel
★ Custom Message edit & delete, Member, Role and nickname Loggings
★ Custom Prefix
★ Custom Mute Role + setup for each channel
★ Custom Commands & Sticky Notes
★ And much much more!

Spotted any bugs? Or maybe have suggestions?

Be sure to join our Support Server to report any bugs or feedback!

Want to add me to your server?

You can invite me here! Thank you for your support!


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