Multipurpose bot based on multiple categorys

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The first category is Moderation, the commands that are available are as followed; unban( unbans an user) . lockdown(locks down the channel for users). purge ( deletes messages), purgeme (deletes the bots own message), massunban (unbans everyone in the server). server category is as followed; icon(shows the server icon), banner ( shows the server banner), membercount( shows the members in the server) . avatar (shows the users avatar), snipe (send the last deleted message in the channel), nuke (deleted the channel and makes a new one with the same permissions and channel text), whois ( shows userinfo). antinuke category is as followed; whitelist ( prevents an user from getting stopped by the bot), dewhitelist ( giving the user perms to bypass the bot ) . whitelisted ( shows whitelisted users)