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An anime-themed bot with amazing personality and a huge set of unique commands and features!

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Added Feb 26, 2021


Anime-themed all-purpose bot

You'll never meet another bot with a personality and command set as fun and easy-to-use as Natsuki's! All of her commands are clean, simple, and very original, and filled to the brim with her fun and exuberant personality that will light up your server!


Natsuki has all the basics like slap and hug and kiss, but she has some cool fun stuff that you've never seen, like her deathnote command


We have a sweet leveling system that is local and has a configurable levelup message channel and is super easy to set up

Our system will very soon support economy and level roles!


Natsuki has a huge set of commands for social stuff!

She has AFK and DnD commands that will tell people in any of your servers (that Natsuki is in) when they ping you that you're busy!

She also has a command to set your bio, cry, sip, and to setup custom welcome and leave messages that are hugely customizable


Natsuki supports a few moderation commands: kick, ban, mute, and warn, with more to come soon!


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