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Homework Helpz Bot

This Bot is from Homework Helpz server but you may add this to your servers as this bot has many educational and non-educational functions.

Prefix +
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Uptime 99.91%
Added Jul 1, 2021

Fun Utility

Greetings! Say hello to the Homework Helpz Bot
This Homework Helpz Bot is a Verified Discord Bot that has a variety of educational and non-educational functions. It holds countless commands which one can easily use like the ones below:

A calculator
An Algebraic and Linear Equation Calculator
Periodic Table Info
Meme and Joke Commands
Translate commands
Dictionary Command
Guess the number game
So much more waiting for you to use them

This bot can assist you with education alongside many fun commands. The prefix is + so do +help and/or +tips to get started. Add this bot to your server and join the Homework Helpz server now! Also, join the Homework Helpz server for Educational Assistance!


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