Bump Buddy

Bump Buddy, the only bot you need to remind you to bump your server on Disboard!

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Bump Buddy

A bot that helps your server grow, by reminding you to bump your server on Disboard!

We all want members, don't we? So it is obviously a bonus to add your server to a site like Disboard, but when you do that, you forget to bump your server all the time, loosing a couple of members every time. Invite Bump Buddy! Be reminded to bump, and gain members! Disboard.org's bot is required in order to get notified when the server can be bumped!



Bump Channel The channel BB will send reminders in: "bb setchannel #CHANNEL"
Bump Role A role that BB will ping when the bump is ready: "bb setrole @ROLE"


Channel See the current bump channel: "bb channel"
Role See the current bump role: "bb role"
Reset Removes all data about your server (The bot will still funktion): "bb reset"
Help Shows all the commands: "bb help"
Privacy Shows the privacy policy, required by discord: "bb privacy"
Stats Shows Bump Buddy's stats: "bb stats"
Reviews Sends a link to the server reviews: "bb reviews"
Page Sends a link to the servers Disboard page: "bb page"
Meme You know what it does: "bb meme" or "bb m"

It doesn't get any easier!