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Hi there, I'm Rias, a multi purpose Discord bot, I have plenty of fun commands that you can use and basic moderation commands.

Prefix Ri!
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Added 12/20/2020

A bot with the followings features

Moderation commands

  • Ri!clearwarn
  • Ri!kick
  • Ri!warn
  • Ri!clearwarn
  • Ri!ban
  • Ri!createchannel
  • Ri!echannel
  • Ri!dchannel
  • Ri!unlock
  • Ri!lock
  • Ri!changenick
  • Ri!antilink on
  • Ri!antilink off

Fun Commands:

  • Ri!eject
  • Ri!hack
  • Ri!8ball
  • Ri!google  
  • Ri!wiki  
  • Ri!youtube

    Meme Generators:

    • Ri!drake
    • Ri!didyoumean
    • Ri!tt(trumpsay)
    • Ri!comment
    • Ri!meme generate random meme  
    • Ri!creatememe

    Actions: hug  kiss pat wave smile deathnote slap wasted twerk dance blush

    Utility: suggest stats link support disable enable membercount userinfo avatar and many more

    For more help please join our discord server . If you can't find help there you can always contact the developers of this bot.

    Type Ri!help to get full list of commands

    Invite link

    Support server


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