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A cute and friendly bot with many fun, moderation commands and more!

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Added Feb 24, 2021

Bots Info

C.UwU.C Is a friendly bot that includes many fun commands to entertain your Discord Server's Members! But it can also be serious... It also includes very many Moderation comands to clean up all those pesky pests in your Discord Server!! C.UwU.C Also includes a variety of other commands like **c.giveaway** and more!


C.uwu.C Comes included with very many commands! All of the commands will be listed inside of the **c.help** command!

Information weather | ping | serverinfo | botinfo | userinfo Fun 8ball | meme | howgay | ruwu | pp | fortune | say | urban

rng | dice | coinflip | tictactoe | rps


av | dm | wallet | daily | work | leaderboard | shop

cat | dog | feed | kiss | pat | shibe | slap | smug | tickle | nekogif | kitsune

kick | ban | warn | total-warns | remove-warn | clear-warns | addrole | removerole | nick | unnick | announce | purge | ascii

giveaway | giveawayhelp | reroll

feedback | bug | invite | addbal | removebal

(If you type to command and then type info at the end of it you will get more information about a certain command!) **Usage: c.{command} info**

Extra Important Info

If SomeThings do not work then please report them asap using the **c.bug** command and the developer(s) will do someonething about it very quickly! If the shop says *Out of Stock*, That means that the developer(s) am going to add more items in very soon! The Developer(s) are always thinking of new Ideas to implement into the bot! Thats why we need you to help us out aswell! Feel Free to Join C.UwU.C's Cafe Server / Support Server if you have an idea and to just *hang out and have fun!* But you could also do **c.feedback** and submit your idea there but we would miss you >.<

**Hope To See You Soon!** Uwu


Discord Server (C.UwU.C Cafe): https://discord.gg/jVP39rjeRx

InviteLink: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=781683455024824340&scope=bot&permissions=2147478783


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