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A discord bot with Moderation, Leveling, Questions (NEW), Memes, And a way to configure all of these good features!

  • Servers: ???
  • Prefix: b
  • Owner: Sir Obsidian#2640
  • Added: 12/25/2020
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The Vulkan Network

Presents: Bulkan

Bulkan has neat features like Moderation, Leveling, Question asking (similar to quora), and a meme command!

To configure anything just run bconfig and then react the module you want to configure and then enable / disable it.
Deleting the message or just.. not responding WILL cancel it.

The question asking module is a feature we don't see in many bots so I'm going to explain it.
Basically, you can ask a question and then our loving Bulkan Community will answer your question.
Very simple, right? Yes, it is simple.

Bulkan used to be a premium bot and since it's all free and we don't want to ruin your experience with us.
We have set up a donation site using donatebot
**NOTHING **should force you to donate, if you do so, thank you!

Also thank you for choosing Bulkan. We hope you use our bot.

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