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A multipurpose Artificial Intelligence bot named Alexa.

Prefix Alexa
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Added 12/11/2020

Alexa is a multipurpose bot transforming your experience with discord to an even better one. We are aiming to get as close to as an artificial intelligence bot as we can!

Alexa has many commands such as giveaway commands which lets you start giveaways to your members or even fans! Our bot gets updated frequently giving you a great experience along with having a bot fun for everyone! Our artificial intelligence bot Siri can do many commands, some topics are Moderation, Meme, Fun, Giveaways, Math and more that you can explore and use.

If you interested in Alexa or want to give it a try definitely invite it and check it out as new features gets added and watch the bot grow and get your say in our support server. Invite Now!


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