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Utility is a bot that can warn, kick, ban. Has custom commands. A support server to help you!

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Added 02/20/2021

/help - Displays the modules available.

/moderation - Shows all the moderation commands avaliable.

Moderation Team /warn - Warns the mentioned user along with a reason. /dm - Sends a DM to the mentioned user with the context. /kick - Kicks the mentioned user.

Admin Commands /ban - Bans the mentioned user.

Owner Commands /say - Says the context. /esay - Says the conext in a embed.

/ticket - Displays all the ticket commands.

Officials /intro - Gives a intro in the ticket. /done - Gives a finish to the ticket.

/utility - Displays all the utility commands. Server /stats - Displays some server info. /membercount - Shows the current member count /total - Displays the total member count.

Bot /ping - Displays the bot's ping. /uptime - Displays the bot's uptime.

/custom - Displays all the custom commands in the bot. Members No commands as of this time.


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Works great 👍

9 days ago

Utility Replied

Thank you for the review!

9 days ago

Utility Replied

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