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OP Bot

A Multipurpose Discord Bot For Music With 15+ Effects, Moderation, Giveaways, Fun, Welcome-Goodbye Messages And Economy!

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Added Feb 17, 2021

OP Bot has a lot of features and commands with 8 categories:

🎵 Music:  back, clearqueue, filter, filters, loop, DJ, np, pause, play, queue, resume, search, shuffle, skip, stop, volume  

👩‍💼 Administration: addcommand, addemoji, automod, autorole, backup, configuration, delcommand, deletemod, goodbye, ignore, setmodlogs, setprefix, setreports, setsuggests, slowmode, welcome    

⚒️ Moderation: announcement, ban, checkinvites, clear-sanctions, clear, giveaway, kick, mute, poll, sanctions, setwarns, unban, unmute, warn  

💵 Economy:  achievements, birthdate, deposit, divorce, leaderboard, marry, money, pay, profile, rep, rob, setbio, slots, withdraw, work  

🎉 Giveaways: gstart, gend, greroll  

😂 Fun:  8ball, ascii, choice, findwords, flip, fml, joke, lmg, lovecalc, meme, number, say  

🔨 General:  calc, hastebin, help, invitations, invite, minecraft, permissions, ping, quote, remindme, report, serverinfo, setafk, shorturl, someone, staff, stats, suggest, translate, userinfo  

🖼️ Images:  avatar, captcha, clyde, facepalm, fire, jail, love, mission, qrcode, rip, scary, tobecontinued, triggered, tweet, wanted, wasted  

Extra Information:

🎹 Filters: 8D, Surrounding, Nightcore, Bassboost, Pulsator, Flanger, Reverse, Tremolo, Phaser, Gate, Normalizer, Vaporwave, Subboost, Mcompand, Karaoke, Vibrato, Treble, Haas

🎼 Music Features: DJ Feature, Vote Skip


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