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Hello there! NGC0000 is an awesome feature rich bot named after the Milky Way. She features over 100 commands, all with extensive and easy to understand help.

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Added Apr 4, 2021

NGC0000 Moderation & Stat Tracking Discord Bot


Information (24 Commands)

Module for general information on users, servers, and bots.

about: Display information about the bot.
admins: Show the server admins.

avatar: Display a user's avatar in an embed.

botinvite: Invite me to your server!

botowner: Show some info on the bot's developer.

bugreport: Send a bugreport to the bot creator.

defaultavatar: Show a user's default avatar.

find: Find any user using a search (Command Group).

hostinfo: Get info about the bot's host environment.

listchannels: Lists the servers channels in an embed

mods: Show the server mods.

permissions: Show a user's permissions.

ping: Test the bot's response time.

platform: Show which discord platform a user is on.

raw: Shows the raw content of a message

serverinfo: Show server information.

snipe: Snipe a message.

snowflake: Show info on a discord snowflake.

source: Display the source code.

status: Show a member's status

suggest: Send a suggestion to the bot creator.

uptime: Show the bot's uptime.

user: Get info on any discord user.

userinfo: Display information on a passed member.

Logging (4 Commands)

Module for logging all server events.

log: Customize the server's logging by enabling specific logging events

logchannel: Set the server's logging channel.

unlog: Customize the server's logging by disabling specific logging events

unlogchannel: Remove the server's logging channel.

Moderation (24 Commands)

Module for keeping the server under control.

ban: Ban users from the server.
blind: Hide a channel from a user.

block: Restrict users from sending messages in a channel.

clearwarns: Clear a user's warnings.

hackban: Hackban multiple users by ID.

kick: Kick users from the server.

lock: Lock a channel.

mute: Mute members with an optional timer.

nickname: Edit or reset a member's nickname.

prune: Remove any type of content.

revokewarn: Revoke a warning from a user.

serverwarns: Display the server warnlist.

slowmode: Set the slowmode for a channel.

softban: Softbans members from the server.

unban: Unban a previously banned member.

unblind: Reallow users see a channel.

unblock: Reallow users to send messages in a channel.

unlock: Unlock a previously locked channel.

unmute: Unmute previously muted members.

vckick: Kick members from a voice channel.

vcmove: Move a member from one voice channel into another.

vcpurge: Disconnect all members from a voice channel.

warn: Warn members for misbehaving.

warncount: Show how many warnings a member has.

Roles (10 Commands)

Module for managing server roles.

addrole: Adds multiple roles to multiple users
emptyroles: Shows a list of roles that have zero members.

listroles: Shows an embed of all the server roles.

massrole: Adds or removes a role to all users with a role.

removerole: Removes multiple roles from multiple users

rolecall: Counts the number of members with a specific role.

rolecount: Counts the number of roles on the server. 

roleinfo: Gets info on a specific role

roleperms: Get the permissions for a passed role.

whohas: Lists the people who have the specified role.

Settings (7 Commands)

Module for managing server settings.

antiinvite: Enable or disable auto-deleting invite links.

filter: Manage the server's word filter list (Command Group).

ignore: Disallows passed users from using the bot within the server.

muterole: Setup server muting system.

prefix: Set your server's custom prefix.

reassign: Toggle whether or not to reaasign users old roles on rejoin.

unignore: Reallow passed to use using the bot within your server.

Statistics (21 Commands)

Module for stat tracking on users.

activity: Show the most active server members.

commands: Show how many commands have been run.

commandstats: Show bot commands listed by popularity.

emoji: Get stats on an emoji.

emojistats: Emoji usage tracking.

firstjoins: Lists the first users to join.

joinedat: Check when a user joined the server.

joinedatpos: Shows the user that joined at the passed position.

joinpos: Tells when a user joined compared to other users.

listbots: Shows all the bots in a server.

messagecount: Show how many messages a user has sent.

messagestats: Show the top message senders in the server.

names: Show all past usernames for a given user.

nicks: Show all past nicknames for a given user.

recentjoins: Show the most recent users to join.

seen: Check when a user was last observed.

sharedservers: Lists how many servers a user shares with the bot.

usage: Show top bot users ordered by command usage.

users: Shows all users I'm connected to across all servers.

word: Show usage stats for a specific word.

words: Show the most common words used by a user.

Utility (11 Commands)

Module for timezones and files.

dumpemotes: DMs you a file of server emojis.

dumphelp: DMs you a file of commands and descriptions.

dumpmessages: DMs you a file of channel messages.

dumproles: DMs you a file of server roles.

dumpsettings: DMs you a file with the server's settings.

dumptimezones: DMs you a file of time zones.

remtz: Remove your timezone.

settz: Set your timezone.

time: Show what time it is for a member.

timenow: Show the current time.

timezone: See a member's timezone.


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