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Aoi, a Discord bot for all your needs. With memes, utilities, fun, and economy commands for you and all your servers needs. So? What are you waiting for? Invite me!

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Votes 151
Servers 94
Uptime 98.90%
Added Mar 14, 2021


Keep your server cute and interactive with Aoi ^-^.

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🤔 What's Aoi?

Aoi is a Discord bot made to help you enhance your Discord server by giving you many features like: utility, memes, etc.

✨ Commands

  • ❓ Info: help, ping,define, +1 more...
  • 🎢 Fun: tweet, kanye, trigger, hug, kiss, kill +5 more...
  • ⚙️ Utility: invite, invites, covid19, npm, djs, + 20 more...
  • So much more categories and commands!!

📜 Update Log


  • Fixed covid-19 command
  • Added image commands
  • Added more utility commands
  • Updated serverinfo command
  • Updated whois command
  • Added 2 new categories Anime and Animals


Aoi has a rating with 1 review!

cassies stem project#1486

Honestly one of my new favorite bots. This bot is very easy to use and has many commands to help my server become more active especially with the economy module.

3 months ago

Aoi Replied

O my, thanks so much for the honest review. People like you help me motivate myself. I hope you like the bot, if you need anything please contact me at any time! <3

3 months ago

Aoi Replied

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