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Family Allowance

Welcome to the beginning of $econd Life. Invest. Trade. Make your money!

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Added Apr 5, 2021

Weclome to $econd Life!
This is a bot that goes farther than promoting activity, and puts a big focus on strategy.
You can get your first dollars by sending messages or staying in voice channels.
Then, you can start getting more money by investing it in shares or betting it.
This money can be used to purchase roles, perks and collectibles in the daily store.
You will be able to invest into channels! These channel values are dedicated off of activity for a day and supply and demand. These values have a set value for the entire day.
Shares value depends on supply/demand and channel messages, and it gets reset everyday.
You can check their current value and other stats with !checkstock, buy shares with !buystock, sell them with !sellstock or check your current shareswith !mystocks
If there are no available shares in the market, they can be traded with !offershares

There are three different games to bet your money: you can flip a coin, with !flipcoin, you can play rock paper scissors, with!rps and you can buy a lottery ticket with !lottery

DM @$econdLife #3559 for any help


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