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BullitBot is a server manager that gives you security, moderation and fun.

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Added Jul 21, 2021

BullitBot Informations

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BullitBot is a moderation tool for your server. From level system to spam filter

  1. General Informations
  2. Admin/Mod Commands
  3. User Commands

General Informations

BullitBot includes many security features for your Discord server,
here is a small list of what it can do

  • Performance spam filter
  • Mention spam filter
  • Profanity filter
  • Auto detecting NSFW Images
  • Auto moderation
  • Fun commands

Setup BullitBot

Here you can find a short tutorial how to set up the BullitBot on your server

  1. invite : link
  2. you will receive a private message
  3. go to a command channel
  4. type -setup

Admin/Mod Commands

Command Description extra informations
example / alias Example description Example informations
setup Configure Bot Type this in a command channel
prefix Change the Prefix ex: -prefix !
clear / cl clear messages ex: -clear 10 ( mods can use too )
changecommand Change the command channel Use the command in the new Command channel
addmod/remod add or remove a mod ex: -addmod @name
kick kick a user ex: -kick @name
ban ban a user ex: -ban @name
unban unban a user ex: -unban Name#0000
addwarn Add warn points to user ex: -addwarn @name 1 ( mods can use too )
rmwarn remove warn points from user ex: -rmwarn Name#0000 2 (mods can use too)

User Commands

Command Description extra informations
getprefix Show the prefix -getprefix
stats Show Profile Stats ( Leveling and more ) -stats
info / i Show Bot Informations -info
help / h bot help help or help category
leaderboard / lead Show Top users -leaderboard
banner Show a own banner for the Server -banner
slots / bet Play Slots -slot
chuck Give a random Chuck Norris joke -chuck
gif Safe for work Gfs -gif or -gif category


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