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Notepad is a simple bot where you can store, edit, view notes and more!

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Added Dec 23, 2020



What does it do?

Notepad is a bot that will easily store notes, say you have an idea, in a few clicks you have that idea saved to access whenever you want! P.S.: Making this description better...

What are the features?

Some features Notepad has are Co-Owners on Notes, Editing Notes, Searching Through Notes, and more!

How do I use it?

Adding Notes

note!addnote < name > < text >


note!addnote notepad Create a Notepad bot!

Having the co-owner as "none" makes it so you are the only owner of that note, if you want to add your friend change the none to a mention!

Deleting Notes

note!deletenote < name >


note!deletenote notepad

Just add the name of the note you want to delete, and then it's gone!

Editing Notes

note!editnote < main owner mention | main owner id > < name >


note!editnote @Jack Glenn#0806 tea

Add the main owner of the note (If it is you, then ping yourself!) and the note name and the rest is explained in the command!

Thanks for viewing my bot!

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