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Primo is the all-in-one bot and the official user manager of Void Bots!

125 Servers  • 155 Votes

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To-do Bot

Got too many tasks but want less software open? This is for you!

2452 Servers  • 4 Votes

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Need help? Support is just a DM away!

39 Servers  • 1 Votes

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Birthday Bot

Keep track of member birthdays in your Discord!

12020 Servers  • 502 Votes

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Filo is a powerful multipurpose Discord bot.

0 Votes

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Quacky Bot is an easy to use multi-purpose bot

688 Servers  • 1 Votes

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Who needs a girlfriend when you have a waifu? :3 150+ commands.

2 Votes

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Emoji Generator

A fun bot to generate and create emojis using different parts.

0 Votes

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Cryptic is a multiple purpose bot including revolutionary features such as Fun, Moderation, Economy, etc.

46 Votes

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MoDo is a multipurpose bot for all of your needs

13 Votes

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Another multipurpose bot for all your server needs

242 Servers  • 112 Votes

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Durchie is a multipurpose bot here to help you with everything you need for your server! From moderation to fun commands

103 Servers  • 22 Votes

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Guild Bump

Advertise your server to get more members on your server!

269 Servers  • 0 Votes

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Thunderstruck is a multi-purpose discord bot with many cool features.

83 Servers  • 0 Votes

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PSlimy is a bot with many commands for you to use! PSlimy have moderation, utility, meme, fun, economy and more commands!

210 Servers  • 35 Votes

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ToD is a bot that generates random truth or dares to allow consumers to have a fun time with family and friends!

378 Servers  • 58 Votes

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