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Lycos is a multifonctional Discord bot providing lots of features.

Prefix: .
Owners: BaptisteGT#0123  LePtitMetalleux#1604  
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Lycos Bot

Lycos is available in multiple languages. Its documentation is easy to use.
Its prefix is: . (or its mention). You can customize it.


Lycos has a wide range of commands adapted to every situation.

Administrationautorole, config, giveaway, join, language, leave, logs, membercount, setmodlogs, prefix, role, rolemention, rolereaction, setnotif, setreports, settwitch
Moderationban, clear, kick, mute, poll, purge, say, sayembed, unban, unmute
Generalanime, avatar, bot, bugreport, emotes, help, invite, partners, permissions, ping, qrcode, report, role-info, server-info, sponsors, suggestion, support, user-info, weather, wikipedia
Funcat, coin-flip, dog, fuck-my-life, joke, meme, morse, number, rock-paper-scissors
Streamclip-create, clip-get, games-top, stream, streamer-info
Game statisticsfortnite, osu
Musicplay, loop, queue, filters, pause, resume, shuffle, volume, skip, stop, remove, clear-queue, now-playing

Lycos is a Lycos Novation project, visit the website to see all of our projects.
If you need more information about the bot and Lycos Novation, you can go on our Discord support server.
We also are on many other social networks: