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Top Tier Bots

All of these bots are top notch, they will help you and your server with all possible needs. Weather that be moderation, utility, or fun.

FunLoggingUtility +2

Awesome Bots to add

Awesome bots to add in your server ASAP

EconomyAnimeMeme +3

Some Cool Bots

These are bots that i like!

MusicFunGame +1

Starter Kit

The best to use Discord Bots on VoidBots. (In my opinion)

MusicFunLogging +2


All of Thykes Bots

DashboardUtilityModeration +2

The Best Bots

The Best Bot That You Can Use

MusicFunEconomy +3

Alpha Dev Bots

these bots are a part of the alpha dev community

MusicEconomyGame +3

caseys fav bots


MusicEconomyGame +3

Pog Pack

Its the bot pack with the pog



Best discord chat bots


Matthews Bots

Here is a pack that have my discord bots in them. (most of them are fun discord bots)


EliteGamers Bots

Hey look, It's my bots!

MusicFunGame +1

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