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Server Starter Kit

Just the necessary bots for new servers!

MusicFunRoleplay +2

Matthews Bots

Some of my bots to check out.


Waifu Pack

Waifu Bots for your servers


Suggested Bots

Recommendations from Roman

FunSocialLogging +3

The mechanical duo

This is a package with the most interesting bots to my liking, if you are interested in trying them, do not hesitate to invite them to your server

MusicFunMeme +3

Select Development

All of our amazing bots!

MusicFunGame +3

Jack Glenn's Bots

Check out all of Jack Glenn's Bots!


Good bots

These are my recommended bots, you should invite them


Decent bots.

Basically good bots on VoidBots that I 100/10 recommended using.

FunLevelingUtility +1

The Best Bots

These are the best bots to add to your server!

MusicFunEconomy +3

Great Owners

This pack is full of Bots that their own is a good inspiration for other developers and people starting out making bots.

MusicFunGame +3

Solid's List of Favo

This pack of mine shows of what kind of bots I like!

FunSocialRoleplay +1

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