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EliteGamers Bots

Hey look, It's my bots!

MusicFunGame +1


No Name


Recommended bots

Some bots that i recommend for your daily servers. :D

SocialUtilityModeration +2

Dan's Bots

These are all the bots that DanPlayz has public & is on VoidBots


Server Starter Kit

Just the necessary bots for new servers!

MusicFunRoleplay +2

Matthews Bots

Some of my bots to check out.


Waifu Pack

Waifu Bots for your servers


Suggested Bots

Recommendations from Roman

FunSocialLogging +3

Select Development

All of our amazing bots!

MusicFunGame +3

Jack Glenns Bots

These are all the public bots that Jack Glenn has made and has submitted to VoidBots


Good bots

These are my recommended bots, you should invite them


Decent bots.

Basically good bots on VoidBots that I 100/10 recommended using.

FunLevelingUtility +1

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