Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy outlines how your data is used on our website. The site administration has the right to change this privacy policy at any point without warning.

Basic non-identifiable information about your user on the website is collected; the majority of which is provided during first-time login, such as email addresses and usernames.
In addition to this, IP addresses for registered users are stored within the system to aid with moderation duties. This includes spam prevention, and detecting alternative accounts.

Account data can be deleted by a site administrator upon request, which will remove all data relating to your user from our system.

Cookies are used to store small pieces of non-identifiable information with your consent. In order to consent to the use of cookies, by using our website you consent to the use of cookies.
Data stored by cookies include Discord IDs, Discord discriminator, Discord avatar, along with a unique token, and a unidentifiable hash.

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